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Works in Birmingham, UK
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I make figurative sculptures from a variety of building and craft materials. The motifs within my sculptures are drawn from popular culture, art history and the everyday then reinterpreted so that the works exist somewhere between sense and nonsense. My current body of work is focused upon creating sculptures that are made up of modular elements. These components can be dismantled and rearranged to create works in a process akin to three dimensional collage.
CV 2017 NAWKI work screened simultaneously at: 
 2017 Online instagram residency 
2017 Happy To Be Here, Attenborough Arts Centre, Leicester 2014
Hanbury Arms, London 2014
International Postcard Show, Surface Gallery - Nottingham 2012
Picked as the winner of Don’t Panic poster design 2012
Graduate Residency and Group exhibition Two Queens - Leicester 2012
Super Shit - The News with Alistair Pett
Two Queens - Leicester 2012
End of the World Event with Young Artists
N.o.N - Nottingham 2011
Vyner Street Gallery - London 2010
Chewable Studios - Loughborough 

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